I am a maths teacher by profession and live in Essex. About ten years ago I was cycling around Northern Ireland , a mixture of a trip down memory lane and exploring the country I grew up in but didn't really feel I knew very well. One evening I was talking to a man in a bar and after a few pints we got on to discussing our dreams. He was a lift engineer and his dream was to be a writer and I said my dream was to make furniture, to which he replied: “If you don't mind me saying, I think my dream is better than yours”. This conversation cemented the idea in my mind that I was going to pursue my dream and see where it would take me. Since then I have done a number of courses, including City and Guilds cabinet making level 2, and I now have a workshop space and work part time making furniture. I've started down my road and I hope that the man in the bar is still on his.

I work primarily in hardwood and most of the timber I use are off-cuts that would be chipped if they weren't sold. I enjoy combining wood with other media and so far have worked with: glass | perspex | metal.

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